Placing a baby for adoption is a tough choice that can take an emotional toll on birth parents. As a family member, you can support the birth parents in their decision. If you have a family member who is considering adoption, here are some ways that you and your family can offer your support to the birth parents. 

Avoid Passing Judgment

Even though you might not agree with the decision to place the child for adoption, it is not your decision to make. It is likely that the birth parents have carefully weighed all of their options and feel that adoption would be best for their child. 

Instead of passing judgment, it is important that you and your family understand that the birth parents need support and not condemnation. If there are family members who strongly oppose the decision and are unable to avoid voicing their opinions, try to limit their contact with the birth parents. In time, the birth parents will be more emotionally able to handle those opinions. Allow them time to reach that point. 

Just Listen

The birth parents will go through a range of emotions, including grief and anger. During that time, the best way to support them is to just listen. By listening, you avoid passing judgment and also let the parents know that you are there if needed. 

Remember, it could take months or even years for hurt feelings to pass. Your support is needed through that period of time. 

Avoid Offering Opinions

After the decision to place the baby for adoption, one of the most difficult decisions that the birth parents will make is deciding which family will take the child. Although you might have feelings about the type of family that should be given the chance to adopt the child, you should avoid offering your opinions. 

However, if the birth parents do ask for your opinion, it is okay to give it. Just remember that the ultimate decision still rests with them. 

Encourage Counseling

Some adoption agencies do offer counseling for the birth parents. Even if it is not available, you need to encourage the birth parents to attend counseling. During counseling, they will learn how to deal with the emotions associated with adoption. 

Supporting your family through this difficult time can not only be good for them, but it can be good for you. You and your family member could forge an even stronger bond, which will undoubtedly be important in the future. For more information regarding this sensitive topic, visit a site like