While cremation memorials are somewhat different than those of a traditional burial, their sentiment is the same. Creating a heartfelt and comforting memorial for all those who attend the ceremony while also celebrating the life of the deceased should be a goal. Here are some ideas to help you plan a cremation memorial.

Video Presentation

For people who choose cremation, the inability to actually look at the deceased during the memorial service can be a challenge for some family members. Creating a personalized video presentation is a great way to commemorate the life of the deceased while also providing the visual that some people need.

A good presentation will highlight the entire life of the individual, paying special attention to any important milestones and somewhat telling the story of their remarkable life. In addition to photographs, it's also a good idea to incorporate video footage. Seeing the person in this state may help family members work through their grieving more easily.


Consider incorporating a butterfly, balloon or lantern release into the cremation ceremony. This is an excellent symbolic gesture to help denote the transition of the individual from their past life to the afterlife. For some people, the release also symbolizes releasing of the sadness and pain that may have come along with the death.

To make the release even more momentous, you could even allow attendees to write a special message about or to the deceased on the object to be released, as this can serve as a final, private message to a loved one.

Memento Display

A cremation memorial is also an excellent opportunity to include a memento display. With this type of display, you aim to put the deceased's life on display. For example, for an athlete, a showcase of any earned medals or trophies would be a good idea. For a collector, a display of their collection would be an option. If you would rather not go this route, you could also create a memento display using photographs.

Memento displays not only commemorate their life, but it can also help friends and family feel more connected and let them know that the legacy of their loved one will far surpass their natural life.

There is no wrong or right way to perform a cremation memorial service. Every family should choose an order of service that best matches the personality of the deceased and the needs of friends and family. To learn more, speak with a company like Ahlgrim & Sons Funeral And Cremation Services LTD.