When it comes to your wedding day, one of the most important purchases you are going to make is the purchase of your wedding dress. The right wedding dress is going to capture everyone's attention and look great in pictures that you will be looking back on for the rest of your life. The purchase of a wedding dress can be overwhelming, so it's important to narrow down some of your choices based on the style of the wedding dress that you believe will be most flattering for your body. Here are five types of wedding dresses that are the most common to consider:

  1. The Mermaid: The mermaid wedding dress style is called that because the dress fits tightly on the body and the legs flare out similar to a mermaid's tail. If you love to show off your curves and have an hourglass figure, this dress is going to be highly flattering because the dress fits tightly on the curves, especially the hips. This style is typically unflattering on more petite women because the style can make them appear shorter than they are. 
  2. The A-Line: The A-line wedding dress is one of the most flattering for all body shapes. This is because it hides budge and balances out those who may be a bit top heavy. This style dress is also called the princess style wedding dress because of the fact that it can make any women look like a princess and is a traditional style wedding dress. 
  3. The Empire: The empire style wedding dress will give you a high waistline and larger bust, which is generally flattering to many petite women because it makes them appear taller and a bit more top heavy. This is also a great wedding dress style for women who are pregnant on their wedding day because the flow of the gown from the bust to the ground hides bumps really well. If you are looking to hide your curves, this is all a great option.
  4. The Column: The column wedding dress style is a dress that runs vertically from top to bottom. It doesn't have a flare and is form fitting all around. Because of this, it's a great wedding dress style for those who have a balanced body shape. This dress will show off your curves and won't sit heavily on your body, which also makes it great for a summer or spring wedding.
  5.  The Ball Gown: The ball gown is a dress that has a seam that sits at the hips and flares out. This makes it extremely elegant, but it can be overwhelming on smaller frames. Those with a curvy body shape may find it more flattering because the flare will balance out the curve of your top. 

When you know what some wedding dress styles are available, you can better decipher what dress type you should try on first based on what is going to be the most flattering to your body shape. Go to websites like http://bridalelegance.us.com/ for more information.